Laser Safety Eyewear | Gladiator F0159


  • Product Description

      Gladiator laser safety eyewear features an airtight light aluminium alloy design. These goggles may be worn over prescription glasses. The face cover is easily replaceable and features air slots for optimal air circulation. Its adjustable elastic headband and comfortable pads made of special rubber provide a comfortable experience even during prolonged use.

      Filter Specifications:

      • Application: CO₂ (high-power)
      • Material: mineral glass
      • Color: clear
      • Thickness: ~3.7 mm
      • VLT: ~90%

      Frame Specifications:

      • Material: aluminium
      • Color: silver

      Protection Level:

      Wavelength (nm) Protection Level (EN 207)
      4750 - 11000
      DI LB5 (OD 5+)

      Please take extra care when choosing the right laser safety eyewear. Get in touch with us to find the perfect pair.

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