Laser Safety Eyewear | Spector F0159


SIlver (paintable)
  • Product Description

      Spector laser safety eyewear features a lightweight aluminium alloy design with a tightly-sealed padded face support. Its ventilation ducts prevent fogging. Its elastic adjustable headband and design accommodating prescription glass wearers ensure comfort even during prolonged use.

      Filter Specifications:

      • Application: CO₂ (high-power)
      • Material: mineral glass
      • Color: clear
      • Thickness: ~3.7 mm
      • VLT: ~90%

      Frame Specifications:

      • Material: aluminium
      • Color: silver (paintable), black

      Protection Level:

      Wavelength (nm) Protection Level (EN 207)
      4750 - 11000
      DI LB5 (OD 5+)

      Please take extra care when choosing the right laser safety eyewear. Get in touch with us to find the perfect pair.

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